Preparing Your Students

What is a docent?

The term “docent” comes from the Latin docere, meaning “to teach.” Docents are volunteers who inform visitors how to better appreciate and understand the Telfair Museums’ architecture, permanent collection, and traveling exhibits. Telfair docents work in both the Telfair Academy and the Jepson Center. They lead tours and assist with educational programs for visitors of all ages and backgrounds.


Museum Manners

  • Explore with your eyes, not your hands. Help the museum take special care of the art in our collections so that it can be shared with others for a long time. Even the gentlest touches cause harmful damages.
  • Point with your words, not your finger. Describe what you want to point out using words.
  • Walk and move carefully. Follow your docent. Take your time, watch where you are going and hold onto handrails while using the stairs.
  • Eating, drinking, and chewing gum are not allowed.
  • Photography is not allowed. Bright camera flashes can fade artwork over time. Also, artists and owners of artwork retain rights to the images. Making unauthorized copies through photography is not permitted.


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