School Tours

Telfair Museums offers school tours year round for students of all ages, pre-K through college. All tours meet Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) and Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS). Optional studio activities can be incorporated into your visit. Don’t see what you are looking for? Telfair Museums staff will work with you to create a tour that meets your needs or learning objectives. To schedule a tour, call 912.790.8827.

Permanent Collection Tours

Museum Discovery: What is Art? Grades
Pre-K-3 | VA, ELA*


Young learners will explore the entire museum in search of art. A discussion-based tour of paintings, drawings, photographs, sculpture, and more, will help define what art is. Looking to artists’ works for a better understanding and appreciation of a variety of art forms will provide students with a new perspective of the world around them. Visit the ArtZeum after the tour for a fun way to explore art with your hands. Build a life-long relationship with art through real-world connections.


Owens-Thomas House

The Owens-Thomas House: Step Back in Time
Grades 4-12 | VA, SS


Learn about the history of Savannah, the Regency architecture of William Jay, historic preservation, and the only intact urban slave quarters in the city, which includes crafts from the Acacia Collection of African Americana.


Thinking Through Art: Creative Responses
Grades Pre-K-5 | VA


Docents will lead discussion-based tours of the museums’ permanent and temporary exhibitions at the Telfair Academy and Jepson Center. Allow your students to explore art and practice collaborative problem solving with observation and verbal skills. Other techniques to responding to art, including VTS, sketching, and writing.



ArtZeum & Technology: Hands On, Minds Open
Grades Pre K – 5


Telfair’s two-level interactive learning center allows students to explore art with their hands and minds. More than 20 activity stations based on the museums’ art collection include a recycling garden and playhouse; geometric shape exploration; magnetic sculpture wall; architectural building blocks and much more. The Technology and Art Gallery features interactive art and games. Students are sure to enjoy this unique museum experience!


Art through the Senses: Look, Touch, Hear
Grades Pre-K-12 | VA


Go beyond looking in this tour. Multisensory activities and props will engage students in seeing, hearing, and touching as a means to better understand art. Guides will introduce elements and principles of art in a variety of ways so that each student is able to have a meaningful museum experience. This tour can be specialized for students with disabilities.



Learning through Looking: Sketch about It
Grades 4-12 | VA, ELA


Look closely, what do you really see? Spend some extra time with each work of art and get to know it with pencil and paper. Pick an exhibition that sparks your interest, or let us make a suggestion. Bring your own materials, or let us provide you with a small handmade sketchbook to capture your museum experience. Guided sketching is the focus of this tour; contextual information and group discussion will be shared along the way.



Architecture: Past and Present
Grades 6-12 | VA, SS


Explore one, two, or all three of our sites inside and out. The Telfair Academy, the oldest public art museum in the South, and the Owens-Thomas House, one of the finest examples of English Regency architecture in America, are both National Historic Landmark buildings designed by English architect, William Jay in the early 19th century. The Jepson Center, designed by Moshe Safdie and constructed in 2006 provides striking contrast and links the Telfair’s future with its past. This tour will not focus on the art hanging on the walls, but the walls themselves. Discover each building from its design, construction and preservation. Don’t miss a single architectural element.