Adult Classes

Adult studio classes are tailored to reinforce museum exhibition themes and/or concepts. Filling a niche in the community, studio classes offer a nurturing creative environment and provide a wonderful opportunity to advance your artistic talents. All classes and workshops are at the Jepson Center unless otherwise noted.



Beginning Oil Painting

Instructor: Woody Cornwell
Thursdays, September 24–October 29 | 1–4pm
Members $175 | non-members $200

This class focuses on the fundamental techniques of painting with oil-based paint. Designed for those with a broad range of painting experience, this class will develop both beginning and continuing-level students’ skills using color, composition, and creativity. The subject matter will range from still lifes to old Master studies and photographs. Students will explore techniques from the basic understanding of “fat over lean” to imprimitura, grisaille, impasto, and alla prima.



Guided Still Life Open Studio

Instructor: Kip Bradley
Tuesdays, September 29–November 17, 1–4 pm
Members $150, non-members $175

Set aside time to paint! We will help ensure you’re spending time this fall doing what you love each week in this three-hour guided open studio. Work independently or ask advice as needed; the focus is on the act of painting as a means to improve one’s artistic skills. The instructor will set up a simple still life or suggest a great plein air painting location. All you have to do is come in and make the commitment to one painting each week!




Impressionist Still Life

Instructor: Carl Fougerousse
Mondays, October 12–November 16, 10 am–1 pm
Member $175, non-members $200

This class will explore the use of color to create the illusion of light in oil paintings. Students will learn by looking closely at the paintings included in the exhibition Monet and American Impressionism. This method of color study is designed for curious beginners as well as for advanced students of painting. Students will learn to perceive and paint with a full palette of color, giving their paintings greater luminosity and brilliance.



Sketchbooking: The Foundations

Instructor: Kip Bradley
Fridays, October 16–December 11, 12–2 pm
(no class November 27)
Members $95, non-members $120

The more technology is integrated into our lives, the cooler low-tech activities like sketchbooking become. It’s time to enjoy the simplicity, growth, and delight that come from sketching. This eight-week class will introduce you to keeping a sketchbook. Students will gain a strong introduction to drawing and watercolor techniques and develop the habits of incorporating sketching into their everyday lives. Artists of all levels are welcome, and materials will be provided.




Impressionist Sketch Crawl

Ages: Teen to Adult
Saturday, November 14, 3–6 pm
Free; registration required

The paintings of Monet and American Impressionism will inspire this sketch crawl as we explore light and color. Come to the Jepson Center to tour the exhibit, then meet at 4 pm for sunset sketching.




Intro to Painting Boot Camp

Instructor: Kip Bradley
Monday, December 7, 10 am–1 pm
Members $75, non-members $95

Do you want to learn the basics of oil painting? This class is designed to build foundational skills and to expand students’ knowledge of techniques and materials that can be applied to many painting styles and to representational or abstract subjects. Students will learn how to use paint, paint mediums, and brushes for outstanding results, as well as how to mix colors and how to create the illusion of three-dimensional forms.





Sunrise and Sunset Impressionist

Instructor: Woody Cornwell
Wednesdays, October 21–December 2,
9 am–12 pm and 4–7 pm, (no class Nov. 25)
Members $300, non-members $325

This intensive and unique workshop will explore lighting and locale by painting the same location at both sunrise and sunset. The class will meet once a week in the morning and afternoon for an intensive study in color, light, and mark making. Students will learn to create strong compositions and designs, paint shapes and values to develop a more painterly style, capture the effects of light in moving water, and translate wave patterns. Students will also study the use of color to convey temperature, mood, and time of day.




Dee Beard Dean: Painting with Monet

Instructor: Dee Beard Dean
November 4–6, 9 am–4 pm
Members $450, non-members $475

Lectures will be held each morning in the Jepson Center with private viewings of original works by Claude Monet and other masters. Students will study the brushwork and painting techniques of the early Impressionists and will paint in the manner of the Masters each afternoon. Students will also do studies on the “color of light” as discovered by Monet. Dean will give the students individual attention depending on their skill level. Although Dean will be teaching using oil paints, she is well versed in all mediums, and students of all mediums are welcome. It is her intent to enhance, not to change, a student’s individual style.




Impressionist Painting at the Roundhouse

Instructor: Carl Fougerousse
Monday, December 14, 10 am–4 pm
Members $100, non-members $125

The rise of the Impressionist movement coincided with a railways expansion in the late 19th century. Monet himself painted several masterpieces depicting scenes from the railway. In this workshop we will have the unique opportunity to paint at Savannah’s historic Roundhouse Railroad Museum, with its period steam locomotives and cars.