Adult Classes

Adult studio classes are tailored to reinforce museum exhibition themes and/or concepts. Filling a niche in the community, studio classes offer a nurturing creative environment and provide a wonderful opportunity to advance your artistic talents. All classes and workshops are at the Jepson Center unless otherwise noted. Contact Kip Bradley for more information at


Drawing from Cast and Sculptures in Galleries
Tuesdays, September 5–October 3, 10:30am–1:30pm
Members $175 / Non-members $200
Instructor: Kip Bradley

Drop in and sketch from works in the museum. Learn basic drawing skills or expand those you already possess. Students will experience the classical exercise of copying master artists on view at the Telfair Academy and Jepson Center. Sculpture and paintings throughout the museum inspire drawing in various dry media. All skill levels welcome.


Figure Drawing
Wednesdays, September 20–October 18, 10:30am–1:30pm
Members $175 / Non-members $200
Instructor: Kip Bradley

In this class, you will explore the fundamental approaches to figure drawing, learning briefly about many different tools and processes. Students will be exposed to classic and contemporary methods (the envelope, line of action, block in gesture, scribble gesture, etc.) taking time to play with each and develop a basic understanding of the process. Moving from there, students will choose the process they enjoy the most and do a finished drawing.


Sketch-Booking, Observational Painting, and Drawing Foundations
Thursdays, September 14–November 9, 10:30am–1pm
Members $95 / Non-members $120
Instructor: Kip Bradley

The more technology is integrated into our lives, the cooler low-tech activities like sketch-booking become. It’s time to enjoy the simplicity, growth, and delight that comes from sketching. This eight-week class will introduce you to keeping a sketchbook and assist you in developing your own methods. This class will provide a strong introduction to drawing and water¬color techniques, while helping you develop the habits of incorporating sketching into your daily routine. Artists of all levels welcome.


Figure Drawing Boot Camp
Friday, September 15, 10:30am–1:30pm
Members $75 / Non-members $95
Instructor: Kip Bradley

If you can draw the figure, you can draw anything. This intensive figure drawing course is for students who are serious about learning how to draw. Learn tricks and tools with both classical and unusual approaches.


Painting Boot Camp
Tuesday, November 7, 10:30am–1:30pm
Members $75 / Non-members $95
Instructor: Kip Bradley

Do you want to learn the basics of oil painting? This class is designed to build foundational skills and expand knowledge of techniques and materials that can be applied to many painting styles and to realist or abstract subjects. Students will learn how to use paint, paint mediums, and brushes for outstanding results, color mixing, and how to create the illusion of three dimensional forms.


Introduction to Basic Production Mold Making
Monday, September 18–October 23, 10:30am–1:30pm
Members $300 / Non-members $225
Instructor: Matt Toole

This course will introduce basic production mold making techniques to create reproductions of small scale models. In this six-week course, you will develop an understanding of how to create multiple objects from a single source or pattern. The class will begin with a presentation on the history of molding and then proceed into a hands-on experience of creating a mold to produce multiples. At the end of the course, you will have a production mold completed and a few objects cast.


The Rise of Modern Sculpture: From Thutmose to Rodin
Fridays, September 1–October 6, 4–5pm
Members $130 / Non-members $155
Instructor: Cynthia Costa

The birth of modern sculpture stemmed from an embrace of and reaction against traditional art. This class explores the history of freestanding and relief sculpture. Topics include the function of sculpture in cultural and religious context, interpretation of expression, and materials and techniques. Our survey will begin in ancient Egypt, continue through Greece and Rome, carry on through Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque Europe, and conclude with a focus on Auguste Rodin, who is widely considered the father of modern sculpture. This introductory art history course is appropriate for all art enthusiasts.


Drawing Charcoal Portraits: Beginning and Advanced Students
Friday, September 8, 2–5 pm
Saturday, September 9, 10am–5pm
Sunday, September 10, 10am–5 pm
Members $300 / Non-members $325
Instructor: Karen Bradley

The human face can be one of the most challenging yet enjoyable aspects of drawing—so this workshop teaches you to understand what the eye sees and how to interpret it through line, tone, and edges. Students will work at their own level and with two models, having the opportunity to practice the same process for two consecutive days. Each day will include demos and hands-on student work from a live model.


Susie Chisholm: Portrait Bust Sculpture Workshop
Friday, October, 20, 10am–4pm
Saturday, October 21, 10am–4pm
Sunday, October 22, 10am–4pm
Members $375 / Non-members $400
Instructor: Susie Chisholm

Susie Chisholm’s work is in numerous private collec¬tions. She has created monumental sculptures across the country. Her work can be found in Colorado, Georgia, South Carolina, and Texas to name a few. Locally, you can find her work at Reynolds Square Fine Art Gallery, 31 Abercorn Street at Congress Street. This three-day workshop for beginners to advanced students teaches the construction of a life-sized portrait bust in water-based clay. This workshop will explore blocking in overall shapes, bone landmarks, and major muscle groups. Students will work toward capturing the likeness and character of the model.