Jepson Center March 6–April 14, 2017


KCHUNG is a cooperative broadcast platform based in Chinatown, Los Angeles. Placing a premium on ease of participation from as wide a community as possible, KCHUNG views broadcasting as an ideal form for gathering and amplifying a multitude of diverse voices and viewpoints. At Telfair Museums, KCHUNG will “take over the airwaves” and operate as public engagement residents. KCHUNG will create event programming and temporary site-specific interventions throughout the museum—including collaborations with museum staff, volunteers, and local community through workshops, symposia, and collaboratively-produced broadcasts of interviews, music, news, and stories. Possibilities include “lunchtime discos” in the Jepson atrium, “whisper reports” live in the galleries, staff radio hour (pairing a KCHUNG DJ with a staff member to make programming together), and live broadcast / music / information station and mobile broadcast unit outside the museum and around Savannah.